Architecture, Interior Design, Project Management


Founded in 1996 with a commitment to creating flawless living environments, blue takes a holistic approach to design. Drawing from the diverse expertise of our team members, we study and detail the spatial nuances of your project, from the dynamic rhythm formed by the exposed structural beams in your entry ceiling, to the classic sophistication of the off-white saddle stitching in your favorite leather lounge chair. We construct multi-layered spaces that blur the line between architecture and interior design.


While other designers distinguish themselves with a signature look or a set of recognizable design elements, we value passion over formula, believing that a successful design should be experiential. Fresh yet enigmatically familiar, as if it is somehow a part of you, and you have been there many times before. In truth, you have been there before, only then it was in a vision, a dream. We just made it real. Blue’s Miami office specializes in creating distinctive designs for luxury estates and family compounds in the Caribbean and South Florida